Long Island Family Kayak & BBQ

Long_Island_FastnetLong Island family kayak and BBQ

Sunday 10th July

How often do you get the opportunity to paddle to an island, explore its trails, and enjoy a BBQ sampling some of West Cork’s renowned food products. This is your opportunity to be part of the magic! Non-kayakers can also be part of it by coming to the island by ferry.

There will be three paddling route options for the Sunday. The distances displayed are the approximate distances in both kilometers (km) and nautical miles (nm), depending on tides and winds, to paddle to the main pier / strand on Long Island.

SHORT (c. 1km = .54 nm): Departing from Colla Pier participants will paddle straight across Long Island sound to the pebble beaches by the main pier.

MEDIUM (c. 3 km = 1.6 nm): Departing from the slipway at the Fastnet Marine Outdoor Education Centre (FMOEC) in Schull, kayakers will paddle along the western shores of Schull Harbour, around into Long Island Sound before crossing the sound to Long Island itself.

LONG (c. 9km = 4.9 nm): This is for experienced kayakers. Departing from FMOEC kayakers will circumnavigate Long Island before joining the other participants on the island. This is great opportunity to spot otters, seals, and possibly dolphins.

NON-KAYAKERS: The Long Island ferry from Colla Pier, will transport those who wish to join us on the island but without actually kayaking.

There will be a shuttle bus from Schull to Colla pier in operation, due to limited parking at Colla pier itself. Participants can drop off their kayaks on the morning of the event at Colla Pier.

Once on the island there will be the option to explore the island and the new Long Island trail, giving you a real feel for the magic of the island.

We are also organising a treasure hunt on the island, which will be great fun for all.

And then of course – the BBQ, which is being facilitated by Fingal Ferguson of Gubeen Farmhouse Products, where you will get to sample the best of West Cork gourmet foods. And we all know how good food tastes after being on the water and after some hours of activity.

Preregistration is essential. We will announce here when registration for the Long Island trip and BBQ opens.